Tuunio – The World of Social Playlisting

What if sharing music was as simple as sending a message to your mates?

That’s the question that led to the creation of Tuunio.

In spring 2016, our lead developer Steve’s great friend Spike called him up, asking if he knew of software that would connect a Spotify playlist to a Twitter hashtag so that his colleagues could tweet songs into their office playlist. Steve couldn’t think of any, but advised Spike that it was almost certain something that like existed somewhere.

Now, Spike is thorough fellow that leaves no stone unturned, ever. He trawled the web. He explored every corner of the App Store. He asked every contact in his little black book. And when he called back a couple of days later saying he had not found the software to do what he wanted, he and Steve decided to create it.

One year later

The result is Tuunio – a collaboration between The Space Between and Smarts Labs – a new innovation hub from global PR and content agency Smarts Communicate. Between us we named it, branded it, designed it and built it – and it was fun all the way.

It’s been a really exciting first week since launching the beta. We’re going write more about it next week when Steve returns from the wilds of Donegal.